Management Coaching & Team Training

Individual or team industry induction training to the Promotional Merchandise Market

How can you expect your newest members of staff to be truly effective in the market without understanding how merchandise fits into the marketing mix and how the supply chain and market really work?

Cedarwick can provide your new staff members or team, with complete end-to- end industry induction training. From understanding the “marketing process and mix”, how merchandise fulfils a vital role within 21st century businesses, to how a design finds its way onto a product, all is covered.

Customer Service Training

Underpinning all the most successful companies is their team’s ability to build great customer relationships and these can only arise out of confident, professional, well trained and motivated staff.

Understanding what makes your customers tick and how to answer and even pre-empt their needs is the most effective way to build a truly effective and award winning customer service base. As a business owner, you owe it to yourself and your team to ensure they are all “on message” and skilled in this vital business skill.

Cedarwick Consultancy can provide in-house training and practical examples to help your team feel both confident and professional in working with your customers and building those positive long-term relationships!

Handling Customer Objections and Constructively Resolving Issues

Turning a “customer complaint” into a positive solution has often been described as one of the most pivotal opportunities to convert a transactional customer into a long-term business partner. However, in the heat of the complaint and emotion of the call, this can be easier said than done! It is, never the less, an essential skill required of all well trained customer service staff. For the sake of your future business, do not overlook this critical area of staff training.

Can you afford NOT to let Cedarwick help train your team to take the “heat” out of complaints and turn the negatives into a long-term positives?

Management Coaching and Leadership Training

When the management of growing companies start to consider staff training, their first thoughts often turn to their sales and customer service teams’ needs. This however, overlooks one critical area that can seriously impact upon their future business growth and the succession planning of the company.

The area most often overlooked within SME’s, are the management and leadership skills of those in actual day-to-day charge of running that company!

How do they communicate to and with their teams, how do they plan their priorities, how do they motivate, direct and get the very best from the individuals within their teams? How well do they organise their own work and appropriate areas of delegation? How do they manage the minute by minute decisions of “Urgent versus “Important”?

These are all key skills that will have a direct positive or negative impact on you company’s success.

Let Cedarwick help you and your management work more constructively and efficiently, getting the very best out of both your own and your teams working hours.

Price Negotiations and the “Fine Art” of Telephone Negotiating

Effective face-to-face negotiating is universally recognised as one of the most critical skills to be mastered by a field-sales person … but what about your gallant internal Customer Service teams?

Think about the potential orders to be won, margins to be protected and added value areas to be gained through a well trained internal team with confident, effective telephone negotiating techniques. Give your team the support and confidence they need to support your pricing model and win you long term repeat business.

With the help of Cedarwick Consultancy, your team could be winning new business, protecting your margins and gaining additional support from your supplier base.

Customer Segmentation – Getting Your Sales Team to Spend Their Time Where it Really Counts

Just as we are all different as individuals, so are your customers; in their needs and demands upon your resources.

Where should your sales team be focussing their time and best efforts? How do you priorities your customers in order to allow you to channel your team’s efforts to the best effect?

Cedarwick can show you and your team how best to divide the “profit creating clients” from the “time absorbing customers”. Establish who has the greatest potential for growth and who is likely to be in decline.

Let Cedarwick Consultancy help you analyse your customers’ actual, versus potential spend, enabling you to establish both your “share of your customers’ wallet” and help your team focus their efforts and time for maximum benefit.