Business Support & Mentoring

Based upon personal sales and business experience

With over 35 years across National Accounts retail sales and the Promotional Merchandise markets, from Field Sales exec, Sales Manager, Sales Director and Managing Director, a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience has been gained and absorbed.

Getting it both right and at times also getting it wrong, have all lead to a greater understanding of what works in our market, what to do and equally what not to do. Helping managers to avoid the pitfalls as well as advising on some of the best strategies and practices in the market, are all part of the Cedarwick service.

Top line business reviews

An “outsider’s” pair of business eyes can be an invaluable asset in allowing hard working companies the chance to see and appreciate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This has to be better than just the business-as-usual view, or trial and error approach, often needed to be adopted through lack of time or resource.

Cedarwick Consultancy can support you in carrying out top-line reviews, forecasting business opportunities and avoiding difficulties through not only formulating medium to long-term business strategies but also developing reporting tools to help you keep an overall watching brief on the business and ensuring the best plans are then carried through to success.

“Cost efficient” account management

Are all of your customers as profitable to your business?

Do you find you are spending a disproportionate amount of time on some of your least profitable customers and sales sectors?

Are you and your sales team really focused upon the areas of greatest opportunity and potential, or do you find you are often drawn into time consuming, “non-essential” customer service tasks? If the typical 80/20 rule applies to your customer base then it is time you took a step back and considered the benefits of effective Customer Segmentation.

Cedarwick Consultancy can help you re-focus your efforts for the best return upon both your business and time investment.

Margin erosion

Have you noticed over the last few years that your Gross Profits and margins have been under growing pressure and may well have been in steady in decline? Cost prices have increased, whilst your ability to increase your selling prices has been seriously limited!

Have you ever wondered how some of your competitors seem to manage to beat your price whilst still surprisingly appear to be running successful profitable companies? Do you ever find yourself frustrated with the demands of customers for greater and greater value and service but without any realistic movement on the price they are willing to pay?

Well, there is a way through this pricing and service minefield and it starts with clearly knowing where the “real” customer potential lies, knowing your full service costs and what external support may be available within your supply chain.

Cedarwick Consultancy can help you halt the erosion of margins and help you build additional “value” back into your customer offering.

Getting the best from your team

Whether you are fortunate enough to have a long-standing, loyal team of hardened business professionals, a group of enthusiastic newcomers to the market or, like most companies, a varying mix of both: a well-trained, managed, coordinated and motivated team is the only way your company can grow and be assured of achieving long-term success.

However, the challenge is often to simply find the time, to step back from the day-to-day tasks of running the team and to consider the individual team members, their own specific strengths, business potential and the roles they might play in the future development of your company.

The greatest asset of any company, particularly SME’s, without any doubt are its people. By taking the time to invest in THEIR development you can increase customer loyalty, build “profitable” sales, retain key staff, increase motivation and build a strong mutually supportive environment from which great and rewarding businesses can flourish.

Cedarwick Consultancy can help you through this vital process. Supporting you with guidance and the provision of industry specific, management, leadership, sales and customer service training that will make a positive and immediate impact upon your business.